2021 LEAD Fall Workshops


How to Build and Use Your Resumé: What Do Colleges and Employers Want to See?
with Brent Brenner

Learn how a resumé can be used as a tool to make yourself salient to universities, companies, coaches, band/orchestra/theatre directors and more. Take advantage of a template resumé that will be offered to participants, providing you an easy way to build your own.

It’s Never Too Early to Think about Getting Ready for College
for Middle Level Students with Sue Iverson & Calvin Wise

High school is just around the corner! Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise from our experts as they share their tips about making the most of your high school journey. Find out about setting goals, taking on new challenges, and making strides to make yourself stand out.

Learning Your Power: Creating a Real Impact with My School Votes
with Andrew Amore

Time to say out with the old way of doing voter and civic engagement in schools, and in with the new! Started in 2018 by Michelle Obama, My School Votes will train you on how to build campaigns, register your classmates to vote, and create tangible impact in your community.

NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee: Speak up and Show up
with Kate Riddle & Abdul-Aziz Khanfar

1 in 6 kids in America could face hunger. It’s an issue that can affect anyone, have lasting consequences, and impacts our community. It is a problem we can solve, and it’s time for students to get involved and ensure that no kid goes hungry.

Navigating the College Admissions Process
with Calvin Wise

The college admissions process can seem overwhelming. Join this session to gain new insights and confidence as you navigate the process. Learn first-hand about how to stand out in the application process and what admissions offices are looking for.

Strengths-Based Leadership
with Sarah Iverson & Olivia Dohmen

Are you aware of your own talents and strengths? This workshop will introduce you to discovering your CliftonStrengths and how to leverage them in preparation for college and career success.

Taking the First Step: How to Step up and Lead Change
with Reilly Brooks

Have you seen a problem in your school or community that you want to change, but don’t know what to do next? You are not alone – let’s learn how to take that first step and encourage someone to join us along the journey, too.

You Need a Resilient Team – Here’s Why and How to Build One
with Dr. Deborah Gilboa

Sometimes, people need a minute. That’s fine, unless you were counting on that person to run your program, recruit more participants, run your social media feed, buy supplies, or just show up to a meeting. In 2021 we know that we can’t ask anyone – even leaders – to put their obligations before their own mental health and safety. Dr. G will outline the boundaries leaders need to respect and the preventive steps student leaders can take to make sure no one person is truly indispensable. That way, when they need a minute, they can take it.


Human 3.0: Change the Game, Change Your Life
With Dr. Michelle McGrath

Join Dr. Michelle McGrath as she shares her research and the work from her team at LEO how to quickly train your brain to respond, adapt, and thrive in a chaotic world. We are obviously in a time of great stress and anxiety. There are some fascinating brain science discoveries that can explain why this is happening, but more importantly, how we can quickly flip switches in our brain to become much more resistant to stress and anxiety. During this session, you will learn some strategies on how to turn off the Lower Brain and become more creatively courageous and fulfilled in your life. You will learn a couple steps on how to harness your brain superpowers, implement brain hacks to combat fears, and build brain neural networks that encourage joy and resiliency.

The Power of 7: Setting Your Table for Success
With Dr. Michelle McGrath

One of the biggest determining factors of success, not to mention a fulfilled, joyful life, is surrounding yourself with the right people. Join Dr. Michelle McGrath as she shares her philosophy of the Power of 7 and learning how to set your own table for success. Michelle has led and built successful teams at the state and national level in the student leadership arena, service world, and in the community prevention space. Learn how to effectively collaborate with others, provide voice to others and, ultimately, set your own table for success and joy.


From Stressed to Resilient – How to Handle More and Feel it Less
with Dr. Deborah Gilboa

If you want more you have to work harder, right? But we’re told to reduce stress if we want to be healthy and live longer. So how are you supposed to do both? Even more difficult, educators are called in so many directions, for such great reasons, it can feel impossible to avoid their own stress or their students’. Deborah Gilboa, MD (Dr. G) is a board certified Family Physician and Resilience expert, and she’s got the tools you need to reframe your approach to stress. She’ll teach you to use stress rather than fear it, to build your own resilience so that you can do more to get more, without feeling overwhelm, burnout or even frustration, so you can serve your students and yourself

Systems Are Created to Give Us What We Want
with Rashaan Davis

When was the last time you looked at what your program isn’t doing for students? Let me help you to help your program be the very best it can be. Together, we can look at where you can make changes that make your program even stronger.


How to Navigate Change without Feeling Overwhelmed
with Dr. Deborah Gilboa

You can count on change. To show up when you least expect it. To mess with something you thought was certain. To give you an opportunity you didn’t expect. All change – good or bad, surprise or predictable – causes stress. Learning to handle that stress and navigate change while moving towards your own goals is the key to getting the life you want, this year and every year. Dr. G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) will join us to clarify the neurochemical changes that happen when we encounter change, and teach us what we need to know to get to the outcomes we want.

with Matt and Phil

Learn how to go from being great to UNSTOPPABLE! Matt and Phil bring a meaningful and energetic message on becoming a more impactful leader. By focusing on confident communication, consistent positivity, and an all-inclusive mentality, M&P will make you the stars of the show and examples of how we can control and magnify our impact for good. This experience will leave you energized, empowered, and focused on how to lead by example and open doors of opportunity through collaboration with other positive humans.