RSVP Training

Raising Student Voice & Participation (RSVP) is a student engagement program sponsored by National Student Council (NatStuCo) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals that uses democratic dialogue to give students a chance to speak out and take action on important issues in their schools and communities.

RSVP bridges the gap between the way schools function now and how they could if student input was seriously taken into consideration. It asks students what they care about and what proposals they have for positive school and community change. Students then work collaboratively with the administration to make the changes a reality.

RSVP Training at LEAD

NatStuCo offers a special pre-conference RSVP training session available exclusively for delegations attending a LEAD Conference. Each training session is four hours long and guides attendees through the process to plan, launch, and manage the RSVP program in their middle level or high schools.


Cost of the RSVP training is $169 per school delegation and includes two copies of the RSVP Implementation Guide or the RSVP in the Middle Guide (for middle level school delegations).

Size of School Delegations to Attend Training

Because RSVP is a student-led process and a significant project for any student group to undergo, school delegations attending the training must include both students and advisers. Each school delegation for the RSVP training at LEAD Conferences must be a minimum of three with one being the adviser. The maximum number in a school delegation attending RSVP training is 10 and includes at least one adviser. Delegations’ schools must have NatStuCo or Honor Society membership.

Registration and Deadlines

Because space is limited to approximately 100 persons, registration for RSVP training will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and a school delegation must not exceed the maximum of 10 students and advisers. The total number of schools participating at each conference site will vary based on the number of delegates that each one registers for training. You will register for the RSVP training during your regular registration. Read the full registration instructions to learn more.

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