Step-by-Step Guide

Please download our easy step-by-step guide here or see below.

Please do not make any air/ground travel arrangements until you register for the conference and receive registration confirmation notification.


How to Register for the LEAD Conference

Information Needed Before Starting the Registration Process

Principal and conference adviser emails and cell phone numbers for each attendee; attendee email, home, and cell phone number; list of dietary needs and medical conditions; and grade of each attendee.

Current student program membership status—NatStuCo, NHS, or NJHS—for each school/person registering in your group:

  1. For current NatStuCo, NHS, and NJHS member schools, the school adviser membership login information (per the adviser’s membership profile) is required in order for the member rate to be applied.
  2. If a school does not have a current membership, attendees from that school will automatically be registered at the nonmember rate. To find out if your school has a current membership, contact,,, or call 800–253–7746, option 4.

Adviser-student ratio is one adviser per 15 students for high school or combined level delegations, and one adviser per 12 students for middle level delegations.

Additional advisers, administrators, and parents/chaperones who will be attending the conference with your group will need to be added to the school record by the primary adviser. The primary adviser for your student program (NatStuCo, NHS, or NJHS) can do this by calling Customer Care at 1-800-253-7746, option 4.

Questions? Contact us at or (800) 253-7746 (option 8).



Designate yourself as “group owner” during your registration. The “group owner” is set up for group administration and correspondence purposes only. After setting up the initial welcome page, be sure to complete your own registration before logging off.

Advisers who will be responsible and/or listed as primary conference advisers for any students and advisers in their group are required to set themselves up first as a group owner during registration.

One adviser needs to be registered for every 15 high school students (or if there is a combination of high school/middle students) or for every 12 middle level students in your group.

An adviser can only be registered once.

Advisers who will not have any students in their charge can register themselves at any time.


Register a group of students and advisers by using the Returning Group Login button on the registration page.

Students and advisers can be added to a group at any time once the conference adviser/state director has set up a group and has registered himself/herself.

Advisers will need their group confirmation number that was sent after registering via email in order to log back in, by using the Returning Group Login button.

Please Note: To add students, select “Go to Adviser Portal” next to the adviser’s name. When adding a student from member schools, you will need the adviser’s email address that is on the school’s member file. To add an adviser, insert his/her email address and select the “Add Adviser Member” button.


Registration payments can be done individually or as a group via check or credit card at the time of registration or later, as long as the payment is made by the designated registration payment date.

Student registrants will not receive any acknowledgement of their registration until all payments for their group have been made. Once a group’s payment is complete, the adviser can log in to his or her adviser portal and send acknowledgements to students.